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Wales Pt. 3

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..so where did Becca leave off?

Ah yes the pub. We went to visit Sam and Chris' “local” pub which is at least 2 miles from either of their places. Here we met up with all of the other people who we hadn’t already met, namely: Lee, Jade, Marcus and Dean. Lee, I’ve known from IRC for a while, Jade is his girlfriend, Marcus is a friend of Chris' family and Dean is Chris' sisters boyfriend.

We sat down on some very low tables outside the pub as it was heaving indoors. Chatted a bit with Lee and Jade before Marcus, Dean and Beth went to watch the football in another pub (I can’t remember which team where playing, Liverpool perhaps?) We drank and chatted for a bit having to compete with a Trad Jazz band who were playing outside the pub, under a marquee type thing. The football deserters eventually rejoined us and I eventually got talking with Marcus. From first glance, Marcus looks like a bit of a thug: bald head, big boots, denim and t-shirt. On talking to him you find out he’s actually a very religious guy with strong family and spiritual beliefs. Very nice guy and one for the don’t-judge-a-book-by-it’s-cover column. We eventually got a table indoors, upstairs (everyone else upstairs cleared out not long after we got up there) and had more drinks and chatting. Most of the evening was similar. Notable events included Lee hiding Jade’s stitch toy, trying to whisper to me about it and her overhearing everything he said and the vodka snorting.

You think vodka snorting sounds disgusting? It looks it too, and looks rather painful. Lee did it first as his party trick, by tipping some onto the top of a smallish glass and snorting it. Marcus had a go after that in a similar fashion. Dean decided he was gonna have a go at snorting vodka out of a shot glass and proceeded to spill it all over himself and the table.

We carried on drinking and chatting until well past closing time and then got a lift home with Chris' dad back to Sam’s house where we fell into bed.


We woke up quite early feeling not TOO hungover and spent a while deciding what to do with the half a day we had before driving home. Beth was feeling a little bit ill so Becca and I decided to go visit Lee and Jade in Cardigan. We picked up Chris along the way and got tasty baguettes from Big Bite. We then went to visit Lee and Jade, where I showed off my spanky powerbook. After a cuppa tea we made our way back to Chris' said our goodbyes, found our way back to Sam’s and set about leaving…..

Seven or so hours later, we got back to Norwich and collapsed into bed, my foot somewhat the worse for wear having been sat in the same position for 300 miles (more on that another time).