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Weird Blog Routines

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I’ve noticed I go through weird routines of posting things in this blog. Like: I’ll not post anything for ages, then I’ll suddenly post about 5 things in a row, and so on and so on.

This week at work has been quite interesting. Had my first experiences of being an interviewer rather than interviewee. Feels very odd, especially given that I was job seeking for quite a while and was in the scary interviewee position for a while. I kinda feel sorry for the people I’ve been “interviewing” as I kinda know how it feels to be in that hideous position. I say “interview” because my main contribution to the process was to drop into each interview at the end for 10 minutes and ask the candidates some random questions to try and glean what knowledge they had of PHP / MySQL / Linux.

I finally got round to booking a couple of days off next week which should be good. Not quite sure what we’re going to be doing yet, but it’ll be nice to not have the routine of going to work for a couple of days.