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Wales by Becca

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Its TIVO TUESDAY! But enough about that… Dave is having a broken brain day so he wants me to write about Friday…..

Friday After laying in for a while after a latish night down at the pub (Becca late that is ;) ) we got up, got dressed and wandered downstairs to be greeted by an already up Sam and Beth! Beth put the kettle on and we sat around the table to discuss our plans for the day!!

Sam made us sausage sammidges too keep us going till lunch (the promise of fish and chips in New Quay was too good to resist) we decided to go and pick Chris up and go to the seaside!!!! Yay!! We squished into Sam’s car, went and got Chris, after a brief musical interlude (i.e. Sam made noises on the drums and Chris stunned us all with his guitar genius!) After detouring to Sam’s house to swap cars off we went…..

We arrived, parked up and wandered down toward the coast, please note the down there are lots of hills in Wales and after walking down.. we had to walk up!

So anyway, we wandered around, along the beach and up to the pub. And had a bit more of a chat, more getting to know you type stuff!!

After preparing for our meal by pilfering some ketchup and went back up toward the other end of town. I got very tired and breathy and uncomfortable going up the hill… in fact. i thought i was going to die.

We got our chips and various accompaniments and sat and tried not to share them with the seagulls!! And then got into the car after another hill and went to what can only be described as a fecking mountain!!!

Apparently the views are marvellous but i had to look the other way and wait about halfway down scared like a big girly. But twas fun, mostly!!

After dropping Chris off we went back to Sam’s house to pretty-fy ourselves for our pub trip…..

to be continued………