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My Favourite Podcasts (at the Moment)

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I’ve been finding recently that I seem to spend a lot more time watching and listening to podcasts than I used to and I thought I’d list them here to see if anyone else has similar podcast taste or if anyone has any podcast recommendations.

Apple Quick Tips: Weekly, short tips on how to use Mac OS X. These are often things I already know, but sometimes the odd gem of a tip comes up.

Best of Chris Moyles Enhanced: Since I don’t commute to work any more, I seem to not catch much of this show when it’s on in the morning, so I catch up on it with the podcast.

CNET TV’s Loaded: A (generally) less than 5 minute look at the latest news stories in Tech. Presented by Natali Del Conte.

The Collings and Herrin Podcasts: Weekly musings from Richard Herring (ex of Herring and Lee) and Andrew Collins (ex of Collins and Maconie). Often quite crude, always very funny.

Diggnation: A hilarious look at the weeks top stories from digg.com. Presented by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

GeekBrief.TV: Shiny, happy Tech news.

Hak5: Info and tutorials on all sorts of geeky topics.

Layers TV: Short tutorials, competitions and news about all applications in Adobe Creative Suite.

The Perfect Ten with Phill Jupitus and Phil Wilding: The first podcast I’ve heard with rules: * 10 Subjects, drawn at random from a fine-looking hat * Only 30 minutes for the lot * No returning to subjects - EVER! It ruins the time/space continuum. Another very funny podcast.

Photoshop User TV: Tutorials, news and competitions focused mostly on Photoshop (and sometimes Lightroom).

Pixel Perfect: Presented by the Photoshop wizard that is Burt Monroy. He shows you how to create all sorts of things from scratch in Photoshop.

Robert Llewellyn’s Car Pool: The actor behind Kryten in Red Dwarf and presenter of Scrap heap Challenge. Drives people around in his car and has a chat with them. Fantastically simple concept which makes for a great podcast.

Scam School: Bar scams and tricks. Another great podcast from Revision 3.

SModcast: Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier (with occasional guests) chat about anything and everything.

Systm: Patrick Norton, David Caulkins and Roger Chang talk you through all sorts of geeky projects. From building a robot, to making a Media PC.