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Tips for People Moving Home...

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In case anyone didn't know, Becca and I recently moved house. Well, I say moved house, we moved from a tiny flat, to a nice house!

Having never moved from a house I've rented to another house I've rented before (uni doesn't really count) I've discovered a few useful hints that I though I'd share with everyone (in case they're any use..)

  1. Get your post redirected - it's not very expensive and means you have more time to remember to change your addresses with places you'll most likely forget otherwise.
  2. When defrosting a freezer, use a steamer - This is my Mum's tip really, as she recommended it to me, but it worked like a dream, far less stressful than any other way of doing it. However, don't underestimate the amount of water that will come out (as I did) and make sure you have plenty of towels to mop up with
  3. Label your power supplies - I thought I was being very organised by putting all of my power supplies in one box, with the cables all neatly coiled up. When I came to look for a power supply I needed, I realised that most hardware manufacturers use generic power supplies and many of these power supplies don't seem to have the info you need to see if it is suitable for your hardware (voltage/current/polarity). Linksys seem to be very good and their power supplies actually have Linksys labels on them, my external hard disks seem to all have power supplies that look the same. Luckily, I've had no fatalities yet!

That's all I have at the moment, I'll add more when I think of them