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Where'd My Post Go?

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I made a post the other day (on my birthday, I think) that seems to have gone missing :|

Anyway, on my birthday, having the day off, Becca and I went out for lunch to Old Orleans (who incidently do the best ribs) and then went to watch Walk the line. Fantastic film, about Johnny Cash’s life. On the previous night, I watched a documentary on TV about Johnny Cash, which focused very much on his religion and how, to get off of drugs, he went into a cave and spoke to god. I found it quite odd that in the film his religion was barely mentioned, not that this detracted from my enjoyment, tis just odd.

Back to work on Tuesday to a 5 hour meeting that was organised in my absence (cheers) and to find we have a new person working with us. Busy, Busy, Busy today and yesterday, but I have almost managed to finish my first project in Django, which has been quite fun and actually fairly quick (it is a fairly simple project to be fair though).

Bleh, off to watch TV.