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Weird Day

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Had a phone call at 8:30 this morning to tell me not to bother going into work as we had no power. Turned out the dishwasher which we weren't allowed to use and then were allowed to use again had a broken element, which tripped the fuse for the whole building. Twice.

Got to work about 10:15, had a project meeting. Then spent the rest of the morning fighting our mail server to try and get it's load below 300 and to try and archive off some of my bosses inbox. It started off at having 7000+ emails in it which funnily enough Outlook didn't want to deal with. I filtered off email from 2004 which took care of 400 emails. Then I filtered off the email from 2005 which cut the mailbox in half. I then told Mr. Huge Inbox to fire up Outlook and see if it would deal with it and it just started to when... our connection to the internet broke.

It proceeded to stay broken for the rest of the afternoon. The guy who manages it turned up and told us he'd connected to the downstairs router and it was all fine, so we left at 5:20 not having a clue what the problem was - hopefully it'll be fixed tomorrow.