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Watching a Film on NTL On:demand

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As Carl was visiting last night we decided to watch a film and I thought it might be interesting to try out the ‘new’ NTL on:demand thingy. It seems like a very good idea but in practise, it took me three attempts (where attempt is trying to find a film and having to reboot the set top box) to get the film playing. Once the film was finally running, it worked pretty well. The controls were quite slow to respond, but it did what it should.

The film we picked to watch was Confetti which has various stars from Peep Show and Spaced in it. I wasn’t expecting much from the film but it actually turned out to be pretty good. It is the story of 3 couples who are taking part in a competition to win a house. The competition involves coming up with the wackiest wedding. There is a tennis wedding, a 40s musical wedding and a Naturist wedding. From what I’ve read much of the movie was improvised, which made it feel to me slightly more ‘real’ feel than a normal film to me (that and it being not filmed on film).

There is an obvious winner to the competition, but after seeing the three weddings, I was left thinking that anyone could have won.

All in all, a pretty good film and worth a watch, in my opinion.