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Welcome to boredom


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Becca and I spent Thursday -> Saturday in Wales visiting some friends of mine from IRC who I’ve known for about 6 years and never met.

Thursday Got up normal work type time, had shower, packed car, got petrol and got on our way. The journey there seems quite short, for some reason. We stopped about 100 miles along the way to get a cuppa tea and sausage roll and then carried on, making our way through the seven CDs of music Becca had prepared for the journey. We got onto the M6 and missed our turn off (just spotted it as we drove past, annoyingly) and drove for a few miles in the wrong direction resulting in us having to pay a toll, to come off of the motorway, for some reason. We finally got back onto the right bit of the M6 and made our way slowly to Shrewsbury and then to Welshpool where we met up with Sam and Beth in a small pub car park. We said our hello’s before running into the pub and using their toilets. We then proceeded on towards Aberystwyth.

We travelled along very windy, hilly roads which were surrounded by beautiful hilly scenery. Very different compared to Norfolk where everything is completely flat. As we went through various small towns, I noticed that each town we drove through seemed to be backdropped by hills, again a huge departure from scenery of these parts.

We finally arrived in Aberystwyth and got out of the car to take a look around. The instant we got out of the car, it poured down with rain. Not fine rain, but really heavy, hard rain. We found our way to a WetherSpoons where we sat steaming and drying off and decided to have some dinner there. We had our dinner, got to know each other a bit, before wondering down to the beach and being shown the sites by Sam, such as: Pier Pressure, the night club on the pier and the ruins of Aberystwyth castle.

We then wondered back through the town to the cars and set off back towards Sam’s house in Blaencelyn. This bit of the journey was quite short compared to the rest of it, although it was beginning to get dark. As we got closer to Sam’s house in the dark, we realised it was lucky Sam had come to meet us, as we’d never have found Sam’s house by ourselves, in the dark.

We got in, met Sam’s parents, unpacked our stuff and sat down for a cuppa tea. We then decided to go to the pub for a couple of pints to meet up with Chris, so we did. The pub was The Ship in Llangrannog which was very close to the beach and a very nice pub. We met up with Chris, had a few pints and a chat, and then got a lift home with Sam’s mum back to Sam’s before heading off to bed.