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A few years ago, if you’d told me my package was being delivered by TNT, I would have been impressed. I mean, they’re a big worldwide shipping agent, they ship around the world to millions of people, they must be good, right? No.

Last week I ordered some jeans from an online clothes shop I use occasionally, a couple of days later I came home to find a slip from TNT saying that they tried to deliver a parcel from said company. I looked at the piece of paper a couple of times, trying to work out what I was supposed to do about it. There was no ‘Call us to arrange another time’ or ‘We’ll ship to you tomorrow’. I eventually gave in and phoned the number on the slip of paper. After ascertaining who I was, the conversation went like so:

TNT: “We’ll try delivery again on Monday. Will there be anyone there then?” ME: “No, I’m at work everyday this week. Can I have the parcel sent to another address?” TNT: “No, only the person who sent can send the address. You could leave a note saying to leave the parcel, and where to leave it.” ME: (fearing the worst, and not really wanting to leave a note) “OK, but what happens if I forget to leave a note?” TNT: “Then we won’t deliver it again.” ME: (getting pissed off): Ok. Thanks. Bye A very similar thing happened when I had my Mac delivered by TNT. They told me exactly what day the laptop was due to be delivered, so I organised to work at home that day. I waited all day long, by 4 o' clock, I thought I’d phone up and see where the parcel was.

TNT: “It seems like your parcel has been put on the wrong lorry, because of the snow” (yes they really said that) ME: “I’ve specifically taken the day off because you said the parcel would be here today” TNT: “Well why don’t you have it delivered to an address you’ll be at, like your work address?” etc…

How can such a huge company have such rubbish customer support? And being such a huge company, their branches are miles away, so I couldn’t even go and pick up the parcels either time.

Rant of the day over.