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The Worst Web Developer in the World

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These actually happened, but may have been paraphrased for comedy effect (and because I’ve forgetten quite how they were said):

‘I don’t really rate putty, it doesn’t have a decent editor in it’

Having written the worst HTML I’ve ever seen, I suggested he use Ultraedit (Windows user of course) he replied: ‘Proper coders don’t use syntax highlighting, I prefer notepad’

‘One of the reasons I like HTML is because it’s not case sensitive, it’s very forgiving’

Then five minutes later: ‘are filenames case sensitive then?’

On the subject of Open Source Software:

‘The problem with open source software is that you have to install it yourself’

More specifically, Django:

‘Django would be good if it had a decent editor in it and you didn’t have to use vim.’

Disclaimer: None of these opinions reflect my own opinions.