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List your current six favourite songs

1: In My Life - Ozzy Osbourne Great cover of classic Beatles song. I always find it odd that Ozzy is a Beatles fan. It doesn't really seem like his kinda music, but he sounds perfect singing this song/

2: Late - Ben Folds Could have been any number of Ben Folds songs, thought I’d pick this one for a change. A tribute to the late Elliot Smith. I like the fact that he is writing a song about someone who has died who he didn’t know just to thank him for the songs that he wrote.

3: Jersey Girl - Bruce Springsteen I don’t really know much about it, it just reminds me of the Kevin Smith film. Which is a good thing.

4: 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins I really like this song, not sure what it’s about though

5: How could you want him (when you know you could have me) - Spin Doctors Wins the prize for longest song title and for most biblical characters mentioned in a song.

6: Drown in my own tears - Ray Charles I first heard this by Simply Red, turns out it was by Ray Charles. Both versions are fabulous.

I was gonna make an iMix of this but half the songs weren’t there, so I didn’t.