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Welcome to boredom


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Damn, I’m tired. Went to bed late on Thursday having been to the pub for Brett’s leaving evening at the Fat Cat. It was quite a good evening, met some people I’ve not met before and others I’ve not seen for a long time, had a few beers, got home played with TiVo for ages before falling into bed at about 1:30am

On Thursday we arranged for J and Kaz to come over the following evening for a fun evening of Cranium. They arrived and we proceeded to eat pizza, drink a few drinks before cracking on with the game. It was the most challenging game of Cranium we’ve had for a while for a few reasons:

  1. We finally followed the rules correctly, thanks to J reading them.
  2. J and Kaz have better general knowledge than us.
  3. J kept on choosing difficult questions for us ;)

Despite these set backs (and not knowing what Tower Bridge was) we still managed to win (just). We then sat around chatting for the rest of the evening. After Kaz and J had gone, Becca decided to email a guy we met in Wales and see if he wanted to go to a gig with us in December. We finally fell into bed about 2:30am.

We woke up about 8am on Saturday expecting Brett to turn up ‘plausibly before 9am’ to drop some stuff off before his move to Brighton. He didn’t turn up till 1:30pm in the end. After Brett had gone, we went off to visit Becca’s Parents in Huntingdon. Had a pleasant evening, with tasty Chinese food, expecting to get an early night, but all of a sudden, it was 1am!

I’ve forgotten the point of this post now, mainly because brain work not good today. yawn