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Welcome to boredom


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Owch, I’m tired. Very glad I took the two days off to goto the Ben Folds gig last night, as I would have been no use at work today.

Now, having taken the advice of Steve we decided to drive to Essex and tube into Brixton from there. A fantastic plan, except we couldn’t find the tube station to park at (Redbridge) and ended up parking in Barking and tubing from there. Kinda underestimated the amount of time it would take to tube from Essex to South London. Almost an hour later, we were there! We met up with Caro and her friend who had kindly met up with Becca’s sister who had been waiting for an hour to meet us.

We made it to Brixton Accademy (which is a really nice venue, the stage are is really impressive) and got sat down just in time to see the support band who were quite good and were called the Macabees. They finished their set and 20 minutes later, Ben came on. The set he played was very similar to the one he played when we saw him in Cambridge earlier in the year. It was just as fantastic, but it seemed to have been cut down a bit. Not sure as to whether it was due to him having a bad night, or venue restrictions. The gig finished at about 11ish giving us plenty of time to tube back to the car.

We had the usual amount of fun getting out of London, we ended up heading towards the centre passing Canary Wharf and the HSBC building before turning round and heading out the right way. Becca expertly found the correct way out and we made out way up the M11 towards home. FINALLY we got home at 3am and fell into bed before getting up at about 9am to take Becca’s sister to the train station.

Today, I’ve been Christmas shopping and have bought almost all of Becca’s prezzies now. Now, I am knackered.