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Latest Musical Purchases

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It’s been a while since I bought any new music, so I treated myself to a couple of CDs this month.

Campfire Punkrock

Campfire Punkrock - Frank Turner

Heard Frank Turner on Radio One randomly a few months back and have had this CD on my Amazon wishlist ever since. It’s kind of singer/songwriter style Folk / Punk / Country (according to his myspace). It sounds a bit like Noel Gallagher covering the Jam, but I think that’s because while singing the main song (Nashville, Tennessee) in my head it keeps turning into Noel’s cover of the Jam’s ‘To Be Someone’. Anyway, I quite like the tunes and subjects of the songs. “ I Really Don’t Care What You Did In Your Gap Year” is a particular favourite title.

Campfire Punkrock

The Best of the Talking Heads

Not really thoroughly listened to this all the way through, but I mainly purchased it off the back of Clerks 2 which has (Nothing But) Flowers as it’s opening song. Still among my favourite songs from the album, along with Road to Nowhere.