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iGTD and Quicksilver

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In a vague attempt to make myself more organised and productive, I’ve started using a funky piece of software called iGTD. It’s basically a piece of software for writing very structured to do lists.

I’ve set myself up a couple of contexts for work and home and set my current project at work up the things I’ve got left on it to do, and I’ve found it very handy to know where I am with each item I have left todo. (It will probably help with counting how long I spend on each project - something we will probably start doing at work pretty soon).

In watching a couple of screencasts about iGTD I noticed that there was some funky plugins for Quicksilver which allows you to add todo items really quickly without even having to have iGTD active allowing you to add items without even changing window. Also, I’d forgotten how much faster Quicksilver is than Spotlight so I’ve swapped back to using Quicksilver for my everyday launching needs.