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Although we weren’t actively looking for a house Becca happened to find a reasonable sounding house for sale on the Pulse at work…

As we turned into the road (which was off of Aylsham road) we saw a bunch of manky looking flats. We then turned off of this road onto a newer section of the road with much more nicer looking houses.

We found the house we were looking for and stopped outside and had a look at the place while waiting for the guy to arrive. It looked quite small from the outside, although it had a front and back garden along with a *huge* garage. We both began to get a bit excited.

Eventually, the guy arrived and we wandered into the house. On first look it seemed like he was still living there, as all of his furniture and belongings appears to be still in the house, along with a cockatiel. Within minutes of us being there, he was telling us details of his personal life that you just don't tell people who you've only just met. As we looked around the guy explained that he had begun a model railway setup in the loft and that he had thought about boarding up the spare room when someone moved in (for some reason). He then proceeded to show us the garage ("I'll show you the garage, that'll be out of bounds though."), which was huge and housed his car, his motorbike and his kayak.

Back inside he continued to tell us details about his life that I didn't really want to know (about how he was not "in love" with his fiancé, but was still in love with his dead previous fiancé). He mentioned that he'd continue to do the gardens (front and back) when we'd moved in. He also told us that he'd still have his post delivered to the house after we'd moved in. This was the last straw in my mind. It sounded to me that the place was his bolt-hole away from his fiancé and that he wasn't too keen to give the place up (in fact he said as much). It also seemed like he would be constantly coming over to 'do the garden' or 'get something out of the garage' or 'pick up his post' which made me feel slightly uncomfortable knowing that he'd have the ability to just pop in and pick up his post.

Eventually we managed to get away (he wouldn't stop talking) and got in the car without saying anything. We got just up the road and agreed that the man was slightly unhinged and that we didn't fancy living in his house.

Becca was a bit disappointed, because the house was quite nice and reasonably priced, but I couldn't help but be relieved that we'd found out that the man was a bit odd straight away rather than finding him sleeping in our spare room 3 months down the line.