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I’ve got into this terrible bad sleeping pattern and I’m not quite sure how to shift it. I felt a bit like Edward Norton in Fight Club this morning….When you can’t sleep you’re never quite awake or asleep. Very strange. The morning was quite stressful what with demanding sales person and lots of broken ADSL* customers. Although the stress probably came mainly from me being half asleep. My weird sleep pattern seems to be killing my attention span too. I can’t concentrate on anything. Ooh, look, poker.

Anyway… best attempt to get some shut eye, since I have to goto the opticians in the morning. Next time you see me (for those that ever do) I may well be wearing glasses, scarily enough.

Bleh, enough of this falling-out-of-my-brain bunch of crap. (I just re-punctuated that sentence twice. Am I becoming more picky with my punctuation, or more often wrong….?)

Right. Poker. Bed.

  • Central Norwich Telephone exchange has been broken on/off since last Wednesday!