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Delcious Library Barcode Scanning

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I finally got around to picking up the webcam that Adam offered to lend me and trying it out with Delicious Library and I thought I’d record my experiences.

I hooked up the webcam and having no software to test it with, I resorted to using Yahoo Messenger to see if the camera was working. It was, but it was terribly focused, so I twiddled the focusing ring, but that made it worse. As I continued to twist it, the ring jammed and I finally resorted to taking the camera apart, focusing it and then putting it back together again.

Once the camera was all up and running, I opened Delicious Library and opened the barcode scanning window. I found that the best way of scanning the barcode was to get it in focus above the red lines, then drag it through the lines. I also found, for some reason, that scanning the barcodes upside down seemed to work better. Once I got into it, I managed to enter about 220 items (with about 10% scanning failure) in about 2 hours, which was a hell of a lot quicker than entering the barcode numbers by hand.

Click here to see a screenshot of Delicious Library in action.

Edit: I forgot to mention the “Easter Eggs” in Delicious Library… Each title you scan has it’s title spoken by the default voice on your Mac. When you ‘bleep’ a Harry Potter film, after announcing the title, the system says “VOLDEMORT” in a scary voice. Similarly, if you can a Star Wars film it says “I am your father” in the same voice. I wonder if there are any more famous quotes in there…..