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We’ve been talking about blogs at work today and I realised I hadn’t updated this for ages, so I thought I’d take a spare couple of minutes and do so.

So, what’s been happening? Well, not much really. Current schedule seems to be: get up, goto work, come home, have dinner, (do some cleaning / washing) watch tv, go to bed, rinse, repeat. Trying to find some time in that ‘hectic’ schedule to do a website design, attempt to write an episode of a comic and attempt to get davo (my vdr machine) working. I finally managed to record stuff on it the other day, which was fairly cool, the only problem being the crappy signal that keeps cutting out. Not quite sure what to do with it as yet, as we don’t have a proper external aerial for me to play with, only a crappy indoors aerial. Answer would be either get a DVB-C card (expensive) and connect up to the cable OR get a better internal aerial (I guess). Either way, I want to buy some mini-itx kit but have thus far been putting it off due to expensiveness. I reckon if I sell my old phone and old davo, I may have enough case, but question is: do I put it on credit card first?

Decisions, decisions. Anyway, need to go prepare for a meeting, woo.