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Testing Textmate Blogging Bundle

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Quick test of the blogging bundle that has just been released for TextMate. It seems like quite a clever idea - type your blog into your normal text editor, hit a key and it’ll post it nicely to your blog. Well, that is the theory anyway. Let’s see how it works….

I’ve just watched the screencast about it and noticed some other very cool things it does. First one is the ‘cut’ command which adds the taster/main body portion of it the other bit is the image upload thing, which I shall just test by screen grabbing this screen

Textmate Screenshot Test

Ahem after a bit of fiddling (ie upgrading to latest version of Wordpress) it all worked :) Basically you drag an image from your desktop, into the editor and it uploads it and puts the link in. Very cool!

Cool TiVo News - if It's True

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This thread sparks rumours of a TiVo Freeview PVR. In my opinion, this would be rather cool. Having seen Sky+ and other PVR interfaces, I still find TiVo’s the friendliest, the only problem is that it is behind on the hardware side of things. Hopefully they bring out a range of TiVo’s after this which encompasses Satellite and Cable, if things go well the the Freeview one.

Finally.. We're Famous (in Norwich)

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Our article finally turned up in the Evening News. The web version is missing the vastly amusing picture of Will and myself complete with fox ears and dodgily positioned laptop. I’ll scan the piccy later on today…

EDIT: The picture has now been uploaded to the Evening News website, check out the ears!

<Cartman> I'm Gonna Be on Television in the Newspaper </Cartman>

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So yeh. Will went to last tuesday on Tuesday and did a talk about Reynard City. As a result we were interviewed and had our picture taken this evening, which should appear in the Norwich Evening News business section tomorrow Friday Monday. This should be fantastic publicity for when the comic launches in July.

Also went for all you can eat Chinese this evening with some of Becca’s current and ex work mates.

EDIT: Just remembered, in some of the photos Will was wearing the Fox Ears that Becca has made for the launch party, and I was typing on a laptop.



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I spotted this earlier on, via Jono Bacon’s blog.

The console itself looks very very cool, and I was astounded at how cheap it is for such a custom piece of kit. It is about £25 more than I paid for a Nintendo DS not long after they came out.

The cool thing about it, in my opinion is the number of games that are already available and you could just write your own games for it, or port any linux game across. There also appears to be a lot of console emulators ported to it!

It’s nice to think that there is this sort of progress in the open source hardware world, maybe one day the mass-produced open-source graphics card dream will be a reality


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I’ve got a cold. It seems like I’ve not had a cold for years and on further research (ie. reading my livejournal) I find out I’ve not had a cold since 2004! Which I think is quite an achievement. Nearly 2 years without a cold.

Huzzah for Widgets

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Just been fiddling with my Dashboard widgets and trying to organise them into some sort of order (not very effectively). I currently have 7 of them:

  • Wordpress Dash - for quick blogging
  • UK Travel News - for checking the travel news..
  • A weather widget
  • A regular expressions maker (from conversations at last ALUG meeting)
  • SeeSS - CSS browser thingy
  • Lorem Ipsun Generator
  • TV Listings

All quite useful, if I remember that they’re there ;)