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How to Organise a Party - Part 2

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Some parts in this post are written by Becca

Days had turned into weeks and weeks had turned into months before we thought further about the launch party. We had originally planned for the party to be in April - when we thought Issue 1 would be finished. This was subsequently put back to June to coincide with school and university holidays and then again to July to coincide with what Po Na Na could offer us. A date of 20th July was mentioned and sounded pretty reasonable to us and them.

Since our first meeting we had received some mock-up flyers from one of our friends at Po Na Na (described as ‘an adobe wizard’). There were a few designs, none of which I felt were in-keeping with the comic - but I was happy to let them go as I was unfamiliar with what was involved with promoting club nights. Maybe clubgoers are attracted to blocky designs with lurid colour schemes and staid, gaudy effects, I don’t know. At our first meeting, contact details were discussed and I suggested I set up an e-mail address (which I did the moment I got home) that went to Will, Becca and myself to make it easier for the Po Na Na people to contact us all at once, and to have an easy e-mail address to remember. This address was neither used for the flyers nor any other e-mail contact we had with the pair.

Meanwhile, we had begun to try and organise our guest list and who we wanted on it. Will suggested Waterstones might be able to come along and sell copies of his book (autographed, naturally) and Becca remembered that Lush made a product called ‘Flying Fox’ which would tie in perfectly with the comic book’s main characters. Will set about chasing up Lush and seeing if they were interested and Becca began planning what decorations we might be able to have.

We came to a point where we wanted a second meeting to try and clarify and pin down some costs for things; ideas we’d thrown around in the previous meeting and between ourselves since the meeting, so we arranged to meet up with the guys again at the Pitcher and Piano in our regular (well, it seemed like it was becoming that way) seats. Will’s bus was slightly late and we were running a little late for the meeting. I kind of assumed that as they were late for the last meeting by over an hour, they would probably be at least a couple of minutes late for this meeting too. Tardy is as tardy does, you know? Turns out they were there bang on time. Our apologies for being about 5 minutes late were met with this retort:

"We'll forgive you since we were a bit late last week!"

Excuse me, I thought, 5 minutes late is hardly the same as over an hour late, is it?

So anyway after the same rigmarole of last time (i.e. they ate and we waited!) we got down to business. Becca, ever the organised soul I had a list of questions as the only contact we had had from Po Na Na was what Will had sent us!

On going through our list, it seemed not a lot had changed. They were still offering us the same, but then she dropped a bombshell…. they couldn’t confirm the date. Hang on, we thought, she was definite about the 20th July last time. We’d already advertised to a lot of people that our party was going to be on 20th July.

"It should be fine, we've just taken on a new promo guy and he has to approve stuff now"

Hold on, we thought, this was fine the other week, what has changed? We went on to mention the idea of having a band playing and we were told we needed to let them know what equipment the bands had and what they might need, as “we don’t have much band equipment”. This seemed massively different to what we were told before but we took it on the chin.

The final thing we discussed was prices for drinks and suchlike. The pair from Po Na Na had said they could get us some big cut outs of the characters to stand around the club, which we were very interested in. We also discussed the idea of having free drinks and cocktails. Our female friend from Po Na Na said she’d email us the costs by the following Monday - which she never did, until chased a few times by Will, and when she did, she failed to use the party@reynardcity.co.uk email address!

We left the meeting feeling pretty happy about the plans, but we weren’t to know of the final bombshell that would be laid upon us before we would finally give up on our ideal launch party venue.

It's the End of the Road

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Today spells an end to my business interest in Polycomical (Reynard City)…

My email to Will:

Will, I've been hesitating over this decision for a while, but events on Wednesday have made my mind up. I have come to the decision that I no longer want to go into business with you. There are a variety of reasons behind my decision which I will go into if you wish, but suffice to say, my gut feeling is that I'm not comfortable with the idea, and it is this feeling that I have to go by. I'll get the website to a state whereby you can continue to update it yourself. J is happy to continue hosting it. Cheers, Dave

Again, I shan’t go into the reasons here, if anyone is interested, ask me in real life.

How to Organise a Launch Party - Part 1

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Ok, so from the title this might sound like a teach yourself series, but it is more of a cautionary tale of what not to do. This is not to say that our launch party didn’t turn out well - it did, but just not as we’d first expected…

About 8 months ago, Becca and Myself (myself being Dave) met up with Will in Henry’s to discuss general Reynard City business, when Becca struck upon the fantastic idea of having a launch party for the first issue of the comic. Will, immediately taken by the idea went to purchase a bottle of Cava to celebrate, and the talk of what we could do at the party carried on into the night.

Things carried on as normal for a few weeks, with no one really thinking much of the party. Will then met through a friend of a friend (of a friend of a friend..) someone who worked at Po Na Na in Norwich, who told Will they could get us the venue for free.

Initially, Will organised a meeting with the people from Po Na Na to look around the club and discuss what they could do for us. The words he passed onto us from the meeting were as follows:

"If you pay £50, you'll have an OK night. If you pay £100 you'll have a good night. If you pay £150 you'll have a great night."

I was initially sceptical. What arbitrary and small figures to throw around when talking about booking a 300 capacity venue. I though I mentioned this to Will, who assured me it was all above board and he suggested he organise a meeting with all of us and the guys from Po Na Na to discuss the details and what they could do for us for the 3 seemingly random figures of money.

The date and time were set for a Saturday morning. Will, Becca and myself made our way down to the Pitcher and Piano - where we had organised to meet the guys - got ourselves comfortable and had a drink. Lucky that we’d got ourselves comfortable as we were in for a long wait. An hour and 2 phone calls later, our erstwhile contacts at Po Na Na finally turned up.

They turned out to be a charming pair, who after having some dinner (ie. keeping us waiting for another hour), put all our fears to rest and seemed very interested and into the idea of a comic book launch party.

"We can get you a guest list of 100, free flyers. We'll get some big cut outs of the characters made, we can do your 'Foxtail' (a cocktail concocted by Becca) at the bar. We can design your flyers, print out pages of the comic and posters to put up around the club. You can have a band playing - we have all of the equipment for that..."

The list went on and on and we were convinced. We’d pay £150 at the most and get the launch party of our dreams. We left the bar in high spirits, planning all the things we could do at our party, but things weren’t to turn out quite as we had expected…

Reynard City Launch Tomorrow.

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Tomorrow sees the launch of Reynard City and the launch party to celebrate this fact.

From tomorrow at about Midday, you will be able to download the first issue of the comic for free. The next and subsequent issues will cost you the measely sum of £1.50.

As Becca, Eli and Noodles have said The party will be at the Murderers (or the Gardeneres Arms) tomorrow night from 8pm-11pm. Be there of be ear-less

PS. Many thanks to Noodles for helping us blow up the balloons this evening - much appreciated!

Wine Post Number 1

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Just sitting at the table looking at the crap on it, amongst which is an empty wine bottle from the weekend. It was particularly good wine (ie I actually liked it), and we always forget what wine we like so I figured I’d record it here. Seemed like as good a place as any.

The wine was 2005 Arniston Bay Chenin Blanc Chardonnay from South Africa. It was on offer from Tesco when I bought it and was just under 4 quid.

Good CSS Practise

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This idea from Garrett Dimon is such a simple idea, but something I’ve never thought of - especially for someone who can never remember which out of ffffff/0000000 is white/black.

Home Automation

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Home Automation

Home automation is one of those things that I have always been interested in, but have always seemed very expensive.. This article shows how you can do it using a Mac and various hardware and software. Is there open source software that does a similar thing?