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iGTD and Quicksilver

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In a vague attempt to make myself more organised and productive, I’ve started using a funky piece of software called iGTD. It’s basically a piece of software for writing very structured to do lists.

I’ve set myself up a couple of contexts for work and home and set my current project at work up the things I’ve got left on it to do, and I’ve found it very handy to know where I am with each item I have left todo. (It will probably help with counting how long I spend on each project - something we will probably start doing at work pretty soon).

In watching a couple of screencasts about iGTD I noticed that there was some funky plugins for Quicksilver which allows you to add todo items really quickly without even having to have iGTD active allowing you to add items without even changing window. Also, I’d forgotten how much faster Quicksilver is than Spotlight so I’ve swapped back to using Quicksilver for my everyday launching needs.


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Perfect eyesight again!

Chives Part 2

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I'm sure you're all (all? who am I kidding? judging by the comments, only Becca reads my blog) on the edge of your seats wonder how my chives are doing, so here's a picture of them I took this morning:

Chives 11th May 2006

I didn't think they were doing very well until I compared it with the other picture, but they seem to be doing pretty well :)

Latest Musical Purchases

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It’s been a while since I bought any new music, so I treated myself to a couple of CDs this month.

Campfire Punkrock

Campfire Punkrock - Frank Turner

Heard Frank Turner on Radio One randomly a few months back and have had this CD on my Amazon wishlist ever since. It’s kind of singer/songwriter style Folk / Punk / Country (according to his myspace). It sounds a bit like Noel Gallagher covering the Jam, but I think that’s because while singing the main song (Nashville, Tennessee) in my head it keeps turning into Noel’s cover of the Jam’s ‘To Be Someone’. Anyway, I quite like the tunes and subjects of the songs. “ I Really Don’t Care What You Did In Your Gap Year” is a particular favourite title.

Campfire Punkrock

The Best of the Talking Heads

Not really thoroughly listened to this all the way through, but I mainly purchased it off the back of Clerks 2 which has (Nothing But) Flowers as it’s opening song. Still among my favourite songs from the album, along with Road to Nowhere.

Check It Out!

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Alanis Morissette parodies Black Eyed Peas…. very funny.

My Latest Horticultural Venture

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I'm growing some chives. Here they are:


Not bad since I've only been growing them since Easter Sunday. Just need to find a recipe that requires them :).

Common Courtesy

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Is it just me or if you have a letter posted to someone’s address without warning(/asking) them and they email you to say that a letter has arrived and ask you what you’d like done with it, should you not at least reply to said email?

Apparently not.

And when they send a second email asking if you received the first one, would it not be polite to reply to that too?

Again, apparently not.

It’s going in the binWWWreturn to sender soon

Selling CDs

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CDs for sale Inspired by Jez I’ve sorted out a bunch of CDs to sell.

Here’s the list:

Singles = £2 Albums = £4

Amy Grant - Big Yellow Taxi (single) Ben Folds - Rockin' the Suburbs Ben Folds Five - Naked Baby Photos Cast - Free Me (single) Cast - Guiding Star (single) Cast - I’m So Lonely (single) Cast - Sandstorm (single) Catatonia - Mulder and Scully (single) Doves - Catch the Sun (single) Doves - There goes the fear (single) Eels - Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues (single) El Presidente - Without You (single) Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard Eric Clapton - August Eric Clapton - Back Home Eric Clapton - Book + Interview CD Eric Clapton - Change the World (single) Eric Clapton - Pilgrim Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven (single) Feeder - Buck Rodgers CD1 + CD2 (single) Feeder - Come back around (single) Feeder - Forget About Tomorrow CD1 + CD2 (single) Feeder - Just the Way I’m Feeling CD2 (single) Feeder - Seven Days in the Sun CD1 + CD2 (single) Feeder - Turn Foo Fighters - In Conversation (interview CD) Garbage - Stupid Girl (single) Gomez - In our Gun Green Day - Insomniac Hamsters - Hamster Jam Haydn - Music for the Millions Vol. 11 JJ72 - Eponymous JJ72 - Snow CD1 + CD2 (single) Llama Farmers - Dead Letter Chorus Metallica - St. Anger Mozart - Classic Composers Oasis - Go Let it out (single) Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation in the Backyard Paul McCartney - Young Boy CD1 (single) Paul Weller - Stanley Road Peter Green Splinter Group - Eponymous Q Playlist - Mellow gold Q Playlist - Take it Easy Q Playlist - The 80s Spin Doctors - Little Miss Can’t be wrong (single) Starsailor - Alcoholic (single) Stereophonics - Just Looking (single) Teenage Fanclub - Radio (single) The Auteurs - How I Learned to love the bootboys The Verve - The Drugs don’t work (single) Toploader - Achilles Heel (single)

Javascript Ajax Caching Issues in Internet Explorer 6

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I’m sure this is an old, long talked about issue but I’m mainly recording it here for my own memory.

I had an issue with IE6 whereby an AJAX request would only work sometimes, I couldn’t see a pattern to it but it only did it in IE6 and worked in IE7/Firefox/Safari. After some Googling (and swearing) I came across this blog post from Christopher Craig which seemed to have the answer.

Christopher mentions that IE caches everything it sees and that if you try and make an AJAX request to the same URL (which I was doing) then IE will use it’s cached version, whether you like it or not. The workaround Christopher suggests it to append the time to the url so that IE sees it as a different URL.

I’ve altered this slightly to use a random number, like so:

function setOpenMenu(element) {
  myRand = parseInt(Math.random()*999999999999999);
  http_request = new getXMLHttpRequest();
  http_request.open('GET', '/session/?open=' + element + '&parent=' + \
             $(element).parentNode.id + '&dontcacheme='+ myRand, true);

and as if by magic… it works!