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The Worst Web Developer in the World

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These actually happened, but may have been paraphrased for comedy effect (and because I’ve forgetten quite how they were said):

‘I don’t really rate putty, it doesn’t have a decent editor in it’

Having written the worst HTML I’ve ever seen, I suggested he use Ultraedit (Windows user of course) he replied: ‘Proper coders don’t use syntax highlighting, I prefer notepad’

‘One of the reasons I like HTML is because it’s not case sensitive, it’s very forgiving’

Then five minutes later: ‘are filenames case sensitive then?’

On the subject of Open Source Software:

‘The problem with open source software is that you have to install it yourself’

More specifically, Django:

‘Django would be good if it had a decent editor in it and you didn’t have to use vim.’

Disclaimer: None of these opinions reflect my own opinions.


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I’ve noticed that I can’t seem to sleep before midnight nowadays which brings me to this conclustion:

if ( $time < 12:00 ) {
    $sleep = $sleep/10;

Hrm, this has been sitting in my window since 9:30, keep forgetting to post it.

Memoirs of a Geisha

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Memoirs of a Geisha

Not my first choice of film, I have to say but, it wasn’t that bad a film. From what Becca, J and Kaz told me, a lot of vital parts from the book were missing. For example, I wasn’t aware when it was set until, the war broke out, and even then I wasn’t entirely sure it was a war to begin with. All in all, it wasn’t too bad.

Oscommerce Hell

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So we’ve finally managed to the powers that be to let us use something other than PHP as our development platforms for upcoming projects at work, which is fantastic. As I said in a previous post, Django is quite cool, and I’m actually enjoying using it (except when I come up against a brick wall due to lack of python knowledge, but that’ll pass).

This all sounds like good news, eh? Dave’s gonna start enjoying his job again? This would be true apart from one thing (well two, but I’ll not go into the other one here): OSCommerce.

A while back, we figured it’d be a good idea to try and use a ready-made, open source, online shop solution, because it wasn’t proving cost-effective enough for us to write bespoke shops for every customer who came along wanting a shop. We stumbled upon OSCommerce, then into CREloaded (OSCommerce with lots of the contributions already installed), which seemed like a good idea at the time. It wasn’t. By any means. I’ve been battling with 2 sites for what seems like forever (probably is about 2 months) to:

  1. Take a template we've paid for and alter it to look how the customer wants
  2. Fix broken bits of template to make the site work properly
  3. Fight through thousands of lines of badly written, badly commented PHP to try and alter something to be slightly different, like get something to print in a different order

.. the list goes on.

I think I am finally getting towards the end of what I think I need to do on this site, then we just have to deal with what the customer thinks I have left to do. The two could be wildy, wildy different. Hopefully by next week, I should be finally be freeing myself from the claws of this horrible beast they call OSCommerce. Luckily, all involved agree that the software is rubbish and we shan’t be using it in the future. I’m sure I’ll feel this way about Django in a few months, but from here it is looking fantastic.

Don’t Change Your Plans from the album “The Loft Sessions (XM Radio)” by Ben Folds

Django Fun

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Well, I’ve been meaning to get round to making the site for Reynard City and I’d been planning to try and do it in Django. I’d made a start the other week by making a quiz engine (which doesn’t work too well at the moment) but I thought I’d spend a bit of time over the weekend trying to get a site together.

It took me a while to get into it, but I’ve managed to make a nice-ish template, a news section (with RSS and ATOM feeds and comments on the news items), an articles section (where I predict much of the content will live) and the aforementioned quiz section. Obviously there is still a fair amount left to go, but I feel I’ve made a reasonable start on it, which is good, as I feel I was lagging a bit on it.

I’ve been enjoying using Django. Strangely the templating system has been the thing that has impressed me the most. I’m not sure if this is because I’ve never used a templating language other than Smarty of if it’s just because the Django templating language is so well written, most likely the latter.

So That Was Christmas....

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Yes, I know I’ve been a bit slow with Christmas posts, but it I’ve not really had a chance to sit down and type for the past week or so, as I’ve been busy visiting various relatives and such. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I can remember:

Friday 23rd: Finished work early, came home had some lunch, watched TiVo’d American Chopper for a bit, Becca came home.

Saturday 24th - Christmas Eve: Went to visit Becca’s friends who had their kids/step-kids visiting and give them their Christmas prezzies. Played with Scaletrix for a bit, eat cakes that the kids had make and came home.

Sunday 25th - Christmas Day: Opened stocking presents at about 8ish, came through to living room and opened main presents. Got dressed, phoned parents, got picked up at 10 and went to sisters. Parents arrived a couple of hour later and we opened all our prezzies. Had tasty dinner (cooked by my sis), sat down and played DVD games. Got thrashed at Telly Addicts, thrashed others at Music-y quiz. Watched a bit of tv, had a spot of tea, came home. Played with Christmas prezzies a bit before retiring to bed.

Monday 26th - Boxing Day: Got up, had breakfast, assembled cardboard robot present (very cool). Got ready to goto Uncles. Drove to Tesco to buy bogroll/petrol. Supermarket was closed. Drove to Uncles. Sat down, had a chat with Uncle, people arrived, had a bite to eat, chatted with Aunty, left Uncles, drove around a bit to find an open shop to buy bogroll, came home.

Tuesday 27th: Got up to find lotsa snow. Decided to try and wait for it to die down before going anywhere. Waited till about 1:30, snow started even worse as we left. Got to Huntingdon, sorted our stuff out, opened and gave presents to Becca’s family. Spent evening with family, retired to bed.

Wednesday 28th: Went to Peterborogh on train to meet up with Carl and to do a bit of shopping. Becca’s sister came along, argued with Becca. We went to a few shops, had a bit of lunch, came home. Becca and I cooked dinner, Mexican, watched a bit of TV, went to bed.

Thursday 29th: Got up, had nice buffet type lunch, got all packed up and came home. Had a bit of a tidy up, watched tv, went to bed.

Friday 30th: For Christmas, Becca’s sister bought her parents tickets to see Pinnochio On Ice at the Norfolk Showground and a stay at a B&B in Norwich. Due to the horrid weather, they decided to get the train and I volunteered to be Taxi driver. We went shopping for food, bought a new DVD storage thingy, came home, unpacked everything and went to the station to pick up Becca’s parents from the train station. Picked them up, drove to the B&B (eventually), let them get settled in, made our way out for dinner. I tried to take a shortcut from Dereham road, to get to Little Melton and went quite (stupidly) wrong and ended up in Ringland (oops). Eventually got to Little Melton and sat down for dinner. Becca and I ordered a set 3 course meal without realising the time and we had to leave after the main course to drop Becca’s parents off at the Showground. The nice people at the pub, kept our pudding for us and allowed us to come back having dropped them off and finish our meal. The meal was very tasty and we decided to stick around at the pub and have a couple of drinks whilst waiting to go and pick up Becca’s parents from the show. We had a couple of cokes and played a few games on the machine in the pub before making our way back to the showground. It being still quite snowy, the snowground was fairly difficult to drive on: my car almost got stuck when I tried to park, so I swiftly moved to somewhere else to park. Someone else then tried to park in the same space and got even more stuck (ie. completely). We sat in the car, laughing as they tried to get it unstuck in some completely random ways. Eventually 4 burly parking attendants came out and pushed them out. Amusement over, Becca’s parents came back and we whisked them back to their B&B. Upon returning home, we put our DVD holder together before collapsing into bed.

Saturday 31st: I overslept a bit and had to rush to get ready to go and pick up Becca’s parents from the B&B. After they had checked out, we went to Tesco to have a look around and try and get a birthday present for my dad. We did that, returned to the flat had a couple of cups of tea before Sarah came over. We then went to the Rose pub and had lunch. I had a very tasty Ranch Burger and a couple of glasses of coke. We returned home, got Becca’s parents stuff together and dropped them off at the station. Came home, Becca had a bath, Will came over with a friend in tow and a bottle of champagne. We polished off that bottle and a bottle of Cava we had between the 4 of us and Will became quite drunk before he and his friend ran off to catch the last bus back to Beccles. Becca and I had a couple more drinks, some cheese and biscuits and watched 5 Children and it and then a few episodes of Peep show Series 1 from the DVD I got for christmas. Both feeling quite tired, we retired to bed to watch The Hootenanny. Becca saw the New Year in before falling to sleep. I continued watching the Hootenanny when Noodles gave Becca the Video call he promised to do on Christmas day, but couldn’t due to lack of signal. Sleep…..

January 1st 2006: Happy New Year! Had a bit of a lie in, got up, fiddled with laptop, couldn’t work out why I couldn’t get ssh into my router. End up turning it off. Get ready to goto Parents house. Dad’s birthday is tomorrow, but due to Mum working tomorrow she’s cooking a big meal for him today and we’re all going over. Get to Dereham, sister has bought PS2 and Buzz: the music quiz. We had a quick play of it before lunch, had a huge lunch with Mum’s speciality (Meringue) for pudding, yum. After lunch, we all sat down to play the game. 3 hours later, Dad remembered he wanted me to look at his PC and install the virus checker I got him for christmas. I installed it and got it up and running and fixed a random attachment opening problem for him. We then came home cooked a ham joint for our lunchboxes for next week watched a bit of TV and then here I am now.

Right, sorry for the length of update, I reckon that’s my blogging done for the year. I suppose I should try and keep it more up to date in future. Apologies for any omissions or errors as I’ve just sat here and typed it as it came out of my brain and not really edited it.

Now, off to watch Buzzcocks TiVo’d from last night.


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Owch, I’m tired. Very glad I took the two days off to goto the Ben Folds gig last night, as I would have been no use at work today.

Now, having taken the advice of Steve we decided to drive to Essex and tube into Brixton from there. A fantastic plan, except we couldn’t find the tube station to park at (Redbridge) and ended up parking in Barking and tubing from there. Kinda underestimated the amount of time it would take to tube from Essex to South London. Almost an hour later, we were there! We met up with Caro and her friend who had kindly met up with Becca’s sister who had been waiting for an hour to meet us.

We made it to Brixton Accademy (which is a really nice venue, the stage are is really impressive) and got sat down just in time to see the support band who were quite good and were called the Macabees. They finished their set and 20 minutes later, Ben came on. The set he played was very similar to the one he played when we saw him in Cambridge earlier in the year. It was just as fantastic, but it seemed to have been cut down a bit. Not sure as to whether it was due to him having a bad night, or venue restrictions. The gig finished at about 11ish giving us plenty of time to tube back to the car.

We had the usual amount of fun getting out of London, we ended up heading towards the centre passing Canary Wharf and the HSBC building before turning round and heading out the right way. Becca expertly found the correct way out and we made out way up the M11 towards home. FINALLY we got home at 3am and fell into bed before getting up at about 9am to take Becca’s sister to the train station.

Today, I’ve been Christmas shopping and have bought almost all of Becca’s prezzies now. Now, I am knackered.

IE Under Wine, Part 2

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I’ve just downgraded wine (by mistake, ahem) back to the version of wine that is in stable and IE still appears to be working. Very strange. I could investigate and find out why, but I can’t be arsed right now.